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Friday, 26 April 2013

(PC Game) -Pool/Snooker GAME - Cue Club (full version) Free Download

 Cue Club (Full Version) Free Download

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nero Multimedia 12.0.03400 Full Version Free Download

Nero Multimedia 12.0.03400 Full Version Free Download

Product Features

  • No-hassle home streaming of your movies, photo slideshows and music playlists
  • One player for all your videos and music
  • Use the latest high-quality video formats to convert, edit and burn your movies

System Requirements

  • Platform:   Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Media: DVD-ROM
  • Item Quantity: 1

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Internet Download Manager(IDM) Full Register For Life Time Free Download

 Interet Download Manager (IDM) Full Register Free Download
First You Install The IDM Then Open The Rar Folder Then And open Crack Folder And Extract The Reg Both File To Install Directions Now Open It And Your Idm Is Register For Life Time If Yor IDM Show The Error Of Fake Key Then You Run Tha File Unregister IDM file Now Your Fake Key Error Is Solved Now Run The File Reg Key And Enjoy

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If Any Problem Then Paste Your Messages In Comments Box

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Free Download 720p Eng/Urdu/Hindi

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)Blacksmith Will Turner teams up with eccentric pirate "Captain" Jack Sparrow to save his love, the governor's daughter, from Jack's former pirate allies, who are now undead.




  (screen story),  (screen story), 4 more credits »

Download Informations


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Free Download 720p

Language English/Urdu/Hindi

Size 990MB

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Halo 2 Games Free Download Full Verions

CPU:2.0 gigahertz (GHz)
RAM:1 gigabyte (GB) or random access memory (RAM)
VGA:ATI X700 or Nvidia 6100 display adapter with 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM and the following features:
• Pixel shader: 2 or higher
• Vertex shader: 2 or higher

Windows Experience Index scores:
• Graphics score: 3 or higher
• Gaming graphic score: 3 or higher
OS:Windows Vista

HDD:7 GB of available hard disk space. The dedicated server and the map editor require more hard disk space.
Sound:Sound card, speakers, or headset
ODD:DVD drive: 32x speed
Network:Network adapter for LAN multiplayer gameplay
Broadband Internet access for Windows Live multiplayer gameplay
Recommended peripheral:Keyboard and mouse or compatible game controller (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows)

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

How to Use uTorrent And Download Any Things

How To Use uTorrent First Of All You Download The uTorrent Click Hare And Install It . Then You Go To This Site

And Search Who You Want It Eg: You Need the Movie iron man then goto Search And Write Iron man

 And Enter then result are show on down

then click on those link whose "S" and "L" are maximum means 1st link are download very fast likes other whose "S" and "L" are low clik on this link

 now click on download.torrentand your link is download then open that location hare the link is download then double click that link

 and link are Automatically Open The uTorrent Then You Set Tha Save Location When Movie are Save

 Now Your Movies are Start Download...

Many Web Site Are Provide The Dual Langyage Movies Means Urdu/Hindi English like

And Many More You Search That Google Write Movie Name eg: iron man dual language in torrent download now torrent web link are show you have any one slected on those links.....END

 Enjoy please comments...

uTorrent latest Full version Free Download

 µTorrent is a freeware, closed source BitTorrent client by BitTorrent, Inc. Its the Software Developed for Downloading Large Amount of Files. Its a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data.
       µTorrent is Very Easy Way to Download Files. Its Very Convenient to Download through this Software. The Main & very Excellent Feature of this Software is that you don't have to worry about your Link Breakdown or wait to Shutdown your Computer till your Download is Completed. It works when it gets the Internet Connection and Starts its Work. It Resumes the Downloads from where it was Interrupted.
        Don't think that this Software is a Download Manager which Resumes Downloads. Its Not a Conventional Download. It uses different kind of Method to Download Files. It uses Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Method to Download Files.

                                                               Click Here To Download

Friday, 19 April 2013

How To Install Urdu\Arabic Language In Your Pc Without Any Software

How To Install Urdu\Arabic Language In Your Pc Without Any Software

Goto Start=> Control panel => Regional And Languge Neche 1 Tab Ho Ga Languages Ka Whan English Likha Ho gGA Os Pe Click Kare Aur Urdu Ya Arabic Language Select Kree Then Ok Then Apply Urdu Ab Install Ho Chuki Hy, Start Menu Per Volume K Nazdek 1 Option Aa Jaye Ga Jis Me Likha Ho Ga Urdu English Ap Ne Ager Urdu Likhni Ho Tpo Urdu Select Kre Aur Kahi B Ap Urdu Likh Sakte Ho.Ager Ap Ko Urdu Keyboard chahye To Run Me Like Odk Press Enter Urdu Keyboard Ap K Samne Aa Jay Ga …

Designing Icons Program

Designing Icons Program

Hidden Window Programs For Designing Icons And Characters Open Run In Start And Type Eudcedit Press Enter.

How To Create Manny Folder At One Click

Create Many Folders For One Click

Open Notepad Type MD Space 1 Space 2 Space 3 And Soo On And Save It Folder.Bat 
Now Open It And Folder Will Bee Created

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Norton Internet Security

Now download norton internet security and be safe from vireses, spywares and hackers attack.

Symantec has moved Norton 360 to the same release schedule as Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus, making them into a three-tiered strategy for consumer security. Norton AntiVirus is the entry-level product, with Norton Internet Security occupying the middle rung and Norton 360 aimed at people who want the most bang for the most buck.
Notoriously slow to respond to trends, the consumer security field is surprisingly not taking Windows 8 lying down. Norton and many of its competitors are optimizing their suites for Microsoft's new operating system ahead of its release, and Norton is combining that strategy with efforts to protect you on social networks, protection against scams and other social engineering attacks, and a bolstered firewall.

Download Now

Monday, 15 April 2013

Twitter Use On SMS All Commands Hare With Complete post

  • ON : turns ALL your authorized Twitter updates and notifications on.
  • OFF : turns ALL phone notifications off.    
  • ON [username] : turns on notifications for a specific person on your phone, eg.: ON H_4_Hacker
  • OFF [username]: turns off notifications for a specific person on your phone, eg.: OFF H_4_Hacker
  • FOLLOW [username]: allows you to start following a specific user, as well as receive SMS notifications. Eg.:FOLLOW H_4_Hacker, or F H_4_Hacker
  • UNFOLLOW [username]: allows you to stop following a specific user.
  • LEAVE [username]: this command allows you to stop receiving SMS notifications for a specific user without having to unfollow them. When you log into from the web you will still see this user's updates in your timeline. Example: LEAVE benfu, or L benfu, for short.
  • STOP, QUIT, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBEor ARRET: will deactivate your account if you are an SMS-only user
  • @[username] + message - shows your Tweet as a reply directed at another person, and causes your Tweet to save in their mentions tab. eg.: @H_4_Hacker I love that song too!
  • D [username] + message - sends that person,  that goes to their device, and saves in their web archive
    • You can also use M [username] + message to send a private message
    • eg.: D H_4_Hacker want to pick a Jamba Juice for me while you're there? or m H_4_Hacker wanna pick up a Jamba Juice for me while you're there?
    • RETWEET [username] - sends that user's latest Tweet to your followers e.g. :RETWEET H_4_Hackeror  RT H_4_Hacker
    • SET LOCATION [place name] - updates the location field in your profile. Example: set location  PAKiSTAN
    • SET BIO - edits your Bio information on your Twitter profile. e.g.: set bio Em a H4x3r
    • SET LANGUAGE [language name] - selects the language you'd like to receive notifications in. E.g.: set language English
    • SET NAME [name here] - sets the name field on your Twitter profile. Example: set name Ali
    • SET URL [url here] - sets the URL field on your profile. Example: set url
    • WHOIS [username] - retrieves the profile information for any public user on Twitter. Example: whois H_4_Hacker or w H_4_Hacker
    • GET [username] - retrieves the latest Twitter update posted by that person. You can also use g [username] to get a user's latest Tweet. Examples: get H_4_Hacker or g H_4_Hacker
    • FAV [username] - marks that user's last Tweet as one of your favorites (reply to any update with FAVFAVE,FAVORITE, FAVOURITE, or * to mark it as a favorite if you're receiving it in real time). E.g: fav H_4_Hacker, favorite H_4_Hacker, or *H_4_Hacker
    • STATS [username] - this command returns the given user's number of followers, how many people they're following, and their bio information.
    • SUGGEST, SUG, S, or WTF - this command returns a list of Twitter users we think you might find interesting and would like to follow.
    • HELP, INFO or AIDE - texting help, info, or aide to Twitter will bring up helpful tips.
    • SUGGEST - this command returns a listing of Twitter users' accounts we think you might enjoy following.
    • SET DISCOVER ON - by using this command, you opt-in to receive SMS notifications for top Tweets related to your interests. Please know that this feature is automatically enabled for all Twitter via SMS users. Note: this feature is only available in certain locations.
    • SET DISCOVER OFF - turns off delivery of top tweets to your device.

      A few notes on SMS commands:

      • Using ON/OFF [username] from your phone only stops notifications coming to your mobile phone; you'll still collect a person's updates on the web since you're still following them.
        • Use UNFOLLOW [username] to unfollow a user via SMS.
        • Use BLOCK [username] or BLK [username] to block a user via SMS. 
        • You can also use UNBLOCK [username] or UNBLK [username]
        • Use REPORT [username] or REP [username] to report a user as spam
        • if yuu wanna stop, then send STOP or OFF

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