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Monday, 30 September 2013

Crystal Security

                                    Crystal Security

Crystal Security is an easy to use program that was designed to be able to help you easily identify and eliminate viruses that might impact your pc.

Crystal Protection will allow you to categorize information and whitelist or blacklist them in no time, defending your system while also improving it.

What's new in Crystal Security
· Added: Spend incorporation [Windows Explorer], Azerbaijani language
· Updated: Turkish language
· Fixed: Several revealed insects, other minimal insects.


                                                    Download Links:

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Portable


Emsisoft Emergency Kit - does not require the set up of a set of efficient resources to deal successfully with a wide range of malware. This emergency kit to identify and eliminate malware software (more than 4 thousand known threats), moreover, due to its mobility, it's great to work with USB nositeley.Emsisoft Emergency Kit tests the contaminated computer for malware, Trojan malware, malware, malware, malware, dialers, remote monitoring software and other harmful applications.!

                                           Download Now

How To Make Mony With Google Adsense Complete Urdu File With All Help Full Tricks Free Download

Google Adsense Complete Urdu File With All Help Full Tricks

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Friday, 27 September 2013

McAfee Stinger Portable

                                 McAfee Stinger Portable

McAfee Stinger finds and eliminates frequent Bogus Aware viruses and risks recognized in the "List Viruses" area of the Stinger application. While not a replace full fledged anti-virus software, Stinger is modified many times a week to include recognition for more recent Bogus Aware versions and frequent viruses. Improved detections are those that have been customized for this launch. Detections are enhanced to cover new versions, improve performance, and correct wrong identifications.

                                                     Download Links




Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

                     Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

As intended by its name, Norton Bootable Restoration Device is a light and portable software program that can instantly make a bootable disk.This type of program is suggested when you want to take a preventative evaluate, in situation your os begins suffering from problems and needs to be reinstalled. In this situation, a bootable disk is the first step you need to take towards solving this problem.

The interface of the program is clean and user-friendly. Norton Bootable Restoration Device has four features available that allow you to make a CD/DVD press disk, ISO information file or USB key with bootable information, as well as to upgrade the USB key explanations.

So, you can make any of these items by specifying the place and terminology. Additionally, you can add 32-bit motorists. Unfortunately, Norton Bootable Restoration Device does not assistance 64-bit motorists. During the disk development process, you can check out a improvement bar on the current and all projects (checking, installing and handling up-dates, including information files, developing disc).

The uncomplicated program operates on a average amount of CPU and program storage, has a good reaction time, quickly completes a process and has a help information file. We have not experienced any problems during our evaluation; Norton Bootable Restoration Device did not lock up, accident or pop up mistake dialogs. Thanks to the wizard-like structure, first-time customers can easily get around this app.


Download Links:

Download from

Download from

Dr.Web Anti-Virus & Security Space Final


Dr.Web Anti-Virus - a highly efficient combination of anti-virus checking device Physician Web, residential secure SpIDer Guard and Firewall program Dr.Web, built into the os of your pc. One of the most advanced heuristic analyzers Physician Web, together with the daily modified viruses data source offer a solid defense, impassable to any viruses, "Trojan horse", e-mail earthworms and other harmful code.
Dr.Web Protection Area - best remedy for extensive security of PC from on the internet threats: viruses, rootkits, viruses, coughing resources, pc frauds, trash, phishing details, contaminated web websites, and cyber-crime, anti-detey.Vazhnym signal quality anti-virus program is not only its capability to find viruses, but also to treat them, not just remove the contaminated data files, together with essential info for the customer, but return them to the exclusive "healthy" state.

Benefits of Dr. Web Protection Area Pro:
Comprehensive PC security solution;
Protection in the "online";
Industry-leading treatment of active infections;
Can be set up directly on the contaminated machine;
The exclusive technological innovation of preventing even unknown threats;
Full check out of records at any level of nesting;
Better recognition and neutralization of complex viruses such as MaosBoot, Rustock.C, Sector;
Spam filtration and all kinds of trash e-mail trash without the need for training;
Reliable on-the-fly examine of incoming and confident http-traffic;
Effective security of children from unsuitable content;
Protection from illegal accessibility, details flow avoidance, preventing dubious relationships on package and program.

The primary elements of protection:
Efficient recognition of all types of risks (Scanner Dr.Web);
Security immediately (File Observe SpIDer Guard ®);
Countering rootkit technological innovation (Dr.Web Protect ™);
Net-mail viruses (mail monitor SpIDer Email ®);
No trash and unwanted details (spam Dr.Web);
Shield from Online risks (Web Anti-Virus SpIDer Checkpoint ™);
Control of Online surfing (Parental Management Dr.Web);
Protection against network attacks (Firewall Dr.Web).

In the edition of Dr.Web 9.0 for Windows has applied a variety of enhancements that create improved security against the newest risks, the most pushing. New Dr.Web actions analyzer will quickly identify the newest modification of Trojan viruses close relatives Trojan viruses.Encoder, will shield you of customer details from being broken by viruses, improved recognition of known risks, invisible under new packers. Developments in data file monitor SpIDer Guard and reasoning support Dr.Web Cloud will considerably reduce the load on the program and create the job even more hidden anti-virus. New security technological innovation Dr.Web for Windows edition 9.0 will offer secure operation of the Google and exchange of details with the help of "messengers", and due to changes in the Firewall program Dr.Web need to create new guidelines by the customer would be reduced to a minimum.

New! Behavior analyzer Dr.Web Procedure Heuristic - efficient security against the newest zero-day risks. Almost 90% of the actual risks that beset users - is different Trojans: the group of Winlock, Encoder, Provide, Manipulate today's hearing, not only in Russian federation, but also far beyond its boundaries. Methods to identify them by means of Dr.Web Procedure Heuristic technological innovation depending on years of knowledge about the actions of associates of the various groups of harmful applications in the program that allows you to immediately reduce the effects of the risk - before the pc and its customer can be seriously broken. Because of the likeness of actions of many harmful applications Dr.Web Procedure Heuristic recognizes those who are not yet known Dr.Web, - in particular, the new variations and Trojan viruses.Encoder Trojan viruses.Inject.

New! Protection of customer details from criminal activity - a actual opportunity to preserve valuable data files. In case of a harmful item still has a chance to "manage for a while" in the program, a procedure to secure details from corruption: the customer can select the directory in advance and create a secure copy of the details they contain with the capability to restore from these duplicates. In the future, technological innovation prevent details loss allows you to preserve the changes that were made to the exclusive data files - through a user-defined time period or personally on control. We draw the customer's attention to the factor that this feature is not a alternative for a complete back-up, and is one of the technology to prevent the risks recognized behavior analyzer Dr.Web: now you will be able to restore details broken before the trip Dr.Web Procedure Heuristic, without you need to contact tech support team "Doctor Web".

New! Unique, incorporated analyzer packed risks - efficient recognition of known harmful things invisible under the new packers. This technological innovation uses a behavior Dr.Web Procedure Heuristic analyzer and allows real-time at the beginning of the activity of harmful way to identify its already current signature-based records Dr.Web. This considerably improves recognition of apparently "new" risks that may already be known to the viruses data source Dr.Web, but packed in a new way, in accordance with the factor that the anti-virus does not identify them.

Improved! Improved speed of anti-virus checking - by improving SpIDer Guard and Dr.Web Cloud. Due to significantly remodeled the internal subsystem confirmation data file monitor SpIDer Guard was increased Dr.Web performance on machines with heavy data file flow (which is particularly essential when installing data files from bit-torrent trackers and Discussing, obtaining and rendering). Also, to increase the performance has been remodeled "cloud" support Dr.Web Cloud, that when you try to move the customer to the web websites on the server delivers a URL of "Doctor Web" to examine immediately.

New! The new program is complete examine all visitors - all overlap tracks for viruses to your pc through the Online. Checking visitors (including encrypted) over all methods reinforced elements SpIDer Email and SpIDer Checkpoint, on all slots - no modify in the transmitting slot to avoid examination. Implemented performance "Safe Search": when working on look for search engines Google, Yandex, Yahoo!, Google, Rambler in the google look for are shown only secure websites. In this risky material sifted forces and the factors of the world wide web look for engine. Also equipped with a secure of interaction in popular im services as Email.Ru Agent, ICQ and Jabber: visitors is strained, the links that lead to viruses and phishing websites are cut from the details sent, anti-virus examine accessories. Transfer of very dangerous from the perspective of Dr.Web investment strategies closed.

New! In edition 9.0 Parent Management allows you to prevent modify the program efforts and time zone that does not allow the child to use the pc for illegal parents time. Also with the help of this component you can now turn off delivering jobs to the printer that will will shield you against illegal printing of private records or consumption of paper and ink container.

New! Blocking accessibility "pirate" websites - defending the interests of owners of material. The component can now SpIDer Checkpoint by the customer to prevent accessibility Internet resources, circulating duplicate material. Dr.Web customer warning about the impracticality of the conversion to the "pirate" resource and offered to go to the webmaster. List of websites with duplicate material will be modified at the request of trademark owners.

New! Updated Firewall program Dr.Web - maximum ease of use. Earlier firewall operated on the basis of pre-installed base of applications and user-defined guidelines, he now uses the details by which applications can be described as reliable (legitimate from the perspective of Dr.Web). Such applications can connect to any location and on any slot. The new organization of the firewall to reduce the variety of questions that the program requests the customer to modify the factors of the work.

Activation: keys
Language: Multi


Download Links :

Dr.Web Anti-Virus Final

Download From RapidGator

Download From Uploaded

Download From LetitBit

Dr.Web Security Space Final

Download From RapidGator

Download From Uploaded

Download From LetitBit

Friday, 20 September 2013

GridinSoft Trojan Killer


Trojan Killer is designed specifically to disable/remove Viruses without the user having to personally modify program data files or the Registry. The program also eliminates the extra program modifications some Viruses carries out which are ignored by some conventional anti-virus scanners. Trojan Killer scans ALL the data files loaded at boot time for Malware, Spyware, Remote Accessibility Trojan viruses, Online Worms and other malware. Trojan Killer works in the field of program protection for the utmost safety for pcs. We propose products to help you get rid of annoying adware, malware and other rough resources. It is very important to restore control on your pc as soon as possible and do not allow anyone to use your data.

Additional Tools
• Totally reset Online Traveler Home/Start/Search Web page Settings
Some Viruses applications make changes to the Online Traveler House, Begin and Look for Web page configurations in order to re-direct the web internet browser to different sites.

This Application will reset the Home/Start/Search pages to conventional Non-payments. You can then personally reset your House Web page to your website of choice (or leave it "blank", the default).

• Totally reset HOSTS file
The Microsoft windows HOSTS data file is a text data file which stores website addresses. The data file can be used to speed up access sites you visit often - by amounting the website name (e.g. with its DNS address, the web internet browser can find the website more quickly as it does not have to query a DNS Name Server.

Some Viruses applications add entries to this data file, to either deny access sites (usually security-related or anti-virus company websites), or to re-direct access sites of their choosing.

• Totally reset Microsoft windows Upgrade Policies
Some Viruses applications attempt to prevent Microsoft windows Upgrade from running, and restrict access resetting Microsoft windows Upgrade by blanking out the Microsoft windows Upgrade options on the Upgrade settings screen.

This Application will check the current Microsoft windows Upgrade configurations and correct them where necessary.



Tuesday, 17 September 2013

EMCO Malware Destroyer Final

                                                  EMCO Malware Destroyer Final | 50 Mb

Malware  Destroyer is a unique malware elimination device with a new and faster scanning engine! EMCO Malware  Destroyer performs a fast check out for more than 9000 threats malwares like, malware, trojans, worms, malware and dialers. Moreover, the device includes a component to remove malware toolbars from the browser Internet Explorer (Alexa Toolbar, HotBar, Smiley Central and Gator). As a result of its work, the system tests the system and displays a list of found malware that can be removed. The verification process is fast, not very much loading resources. For convenience and timely up-dates to the utility designed a unique component that allows to upgrade the malware data source system via the Internet.

Features of EMCO Malware  Destroyer:
· Handy device to check out and fresh Malware , Heats up, Trojan Malware  and Adware on your local device.
· Single-click tests for Malware , Heats up, Trojan Malware  and Aware.
· Low price remedy for personal computer protection.
· Integrated Malware  meaning data source with thousands of virus explanations.
· Increasing data source of virus explanations.
· Customers can demand the inclusion of a particular virus to herpes meaning data source.
· Improvement signal.
· Fast and silent execution of virus check out and fresh process
· Built-in virus elimination resources for most common Adware and Spyware.
· Custom customer logon choice.
· Built-in stay upgrade choice to obtain modified virus explanations from EMCO website.
· The main functions of EMCO Malware  Bouncy are described below:
· Clean Earthworms, Malware , Adware, Trojan Malware  EMCO Malware  Bouncy can check out and fresh a device infected by different Earthworms, Malware , Adware, Trojan Malware .
· One just click check out of all machines EMCO Malware  Bouncy provides one just click check out and fresh choice. So, you can check out and fresh you device with just single just click.
· Integrated Malware  meaning data source. EMCO Malware  Bouncy comes with a built-in versatile data source that is consistently growing with the discovery of new Malware .
· User can demand inclusion of specific virus explanations. EMCO Malware  Bouncy enables users to demand EMCO Software to add a particular virus to herpes meaning data source, and that virus meaning is added on the same day.
· Low price remedy for system protection It s a low price remedy in the sense that no unique skill is required to check out and fresh a device, it is so simple that you can make your PC Malware  free by yourself. You don t need to hire and pay a system protection expert any more.
· Built-in virus elimination resources EMCO Malware  Bouncy comes up with built-in virus elimination resources for most common Adware and Spyware.
· Improvement signal EMCO Malware  Bouncy has progress signal to show the check out and fresh progress on your device.

· Integrated stay upgrade EMCO Malware  Bouncy has a built-in stay upgrade choice to obtain modified virus explanations or software up-dates from EMCO website.



Monday, 16 September 2013

Download AutoRun Antivirus Pro v1.0

                                 AutoRun Antivirus Pro v1.0 | 4.2 Mb

AutoRun Anti-virus Pro is a new generation of detachable gadgets security program that instantly vaccinates completely all pushes and the computer against autorun malware.

Simple and user-friendly GUI.
One just click to vaccine and secure any program.
Is able to secure and vaccine all gadgets, such as USB Display Devices, Exterior HDDs, and System pushes, against all type of autorun malware in one just click or instantly at start-up.
Using AutoVaccine function, the program will instantly vaccinate new linked pushes at start-up for all customers, with a program plate notice.
Reversible security for NTFS techniques.
Irreversible security for FAT / FAT32 Computer file Systems, a easy structure will eliminate the protection
Protect the System Quantity Information directory.
Support several categories in one program.
Support memory cards and all types of storage gadgets.
Permanently turn off the OS Autorun Feature for all gadgets when AutoVaccine is allowed.
Simple and purpose installation software and uninstaller, all customers will have the program set up and working even if it has been set up by one user.

* Reinforced program Computer file System:

What is Autorun ?
Autorun is a OS Feature, that will AutoRun a particular program when an Removable hard disk drive / CD – DVD / Hard Disk is linked / placed.
Some malware, such as Viruses / Conflickers / Backdoors can self set up quietly on the product when it is linked with an contaminated device using the autorun function.
If an contaminated drive is linked with a fresh device, the malware will self set up quietly and self contaminate the device, even with the antivirus set up sometimes.
With the AutoVaccine security, any linked program will be secured completely against autorun malware until it is arranged.
Even when contaminated, the malware will not Auto Infect when the product is linked, when it has been secured.
The program tests the program for new pushes every ten seconds, please wait during this time to view the secured program.
The engine not will fresh the malware, only will long lasting prevent the major slot of autorun malware, the autorun.inf file, securing and massive any malware.


Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP Family
Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2011 Family
* All Editions / Editions, such as x64 systems.
* Needs .NET Framework v4.0.

                                                       Download Links:


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